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Flood Zone Review


Are you paying for Flood Insurance that you don’t need?

Real Land Surveying offers services to homeowners, real estate brokers, mortgage lenders and anyone who may need to get the flood zone restriction removed from their property. Our licensed surveyor has over 26 years of experience and provides many valuable services as detailed below.

Due to more stringent FEMA regulations, many homeowners are now being required by their lenders to obtain flood insurance, or at least prove that they are outside of the flood zone. This can cost $1,000s per year and may not be needed.

Our initial site visit will determine whether you need a LOMA, LOMR-F, or an Elevation Certificate:

  • LOMAs (Letter Of Map Amendment) would be used to remove existing structures, portions of property, or entire lots from the flood zone. After sending your FEMA removal determination letter to your flood insurance provider, they typically reimburse you of your premium for that calendar
  • A LOMR-F (Letter Of Map Revision – based upon fill) is a type of application sent to FEMA that would remove a structure or portion of your lot after material/fill is brought in to elevate you site. Once completed, your site/structure would be removed from the flood zone.
  • An elevation certificate is only needed when implementing floodproofing measures of your structure would be ineffective. Elevations certificates provide specific information about your structure to your flood insurance provider and frequently eliminate unnecessary flood insurance.
    *** Since elevation certificates do not transfers between property owners, Real Land Surveying recommends performing these after the sale of a property is complete.

Are you being forced to buy flood insurance?

Real Land Surveying may be able to amend the flood maps to permanently remove your home from the flood zone; this may entitle you to a refund and save you thousands! Contact us today!

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